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Corona Update with Dr. Michael Klompas

Subscribe on Youtube Now Corona Update It has been an extraordinarily long few months to say the least. Society has undergone significant changes, many for the better and some obviously for the worse. It may be that the worse is yet to come. Before we emerge into this new environment, lets take pause to hear again from Dr. Michael Klompas about what we know, what we don’t know, what to expect, and how we can prepare. If you would like to submit a question, it must be entered into this form no later than Wed., May 5, 2020 at...

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Biggest Bubble Pop

Are you ready for the new normal? The biggest bubble pop has already happened. Before we emerge from our cocoons into a post corona world, take stock of our new world and be brave enough to make sure that our future remains balanced, centered, and full of hope and...

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Humans Are Made of Earth

A Passover Message “Humans are made of earth. Any human body can be reduced to a small pile of the earth’s minerals and elements. Yet, this seemingly insignificant entity has an exalted function – it acts as a vessel for the neshama (soul), the Heavenly spark with which G-d imbued man. The mouth is the intersection of this physical and spiritual essence. It ushers man’s G-dly essence into the physical world in the form of the words it speaks. The ability to speak is a bridge between the physical, earth-boudn human and the spiritual being. It provides man with...

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