At times, we all find ourselves pinned against the sea by the nighty Egyptian army with no choice but to give up or walk into the sea in hopes that G-d splits the sea for us. This episode delves into the apparent natural limitations which prevent us from actualizing our selves, our potential and living happier and healthier lives with the people and things that we care about most.

Is Torah just a book of laws or is it transformative?

What is a chiddush in Torah (new idea)? Is it a subjective or objective?

and newness and rosh hodesh;

Aspects of the day are mundane. How do we integrate the day with the holiness and enjoy all of it?

We live a life of inertia instead of choosing to live a life of design. Aspects of the world around us simply are not real. They are figments of imagination. Many of those imaginary aspects of our lives are imaginary, they don’t really exist. Through courageous experience I can walk through a wall and discover, “Oh, that wall doesn’t really exist.” Children have no inhibitions. This is your life right now, but how much of that is by design and how much of that is inertia? How do you identify what those natural walls are? How did you ende up in that place in that chair? What is your definition of success which you dedicate your life and run after during most of your waking hours? Why are you struggling? Are you stuck in a win-lose paradigm? You’re life will be spent putting in the effort. What is motivating you? Will you dig a mound to stand on, or a hole to put your brother in? The closer we get to recognizing our true potential and understanding the universe around us, the more we understand our pain and pressure points which move us in all directions…sometimes further from ourselves and other times closer to ourselves.