A Passover Message

“Humans are made of earth. Any human body can be reduced to a small pile of the earth’s minerals and elements. Yet, this seemingly insignificant entity has an exalted function – it acts as a vessel for the neshama (soul), the Heavenly spark with which G-d imbued man. The mouth is the intersection of this physical and spiritual essence. It ushers man’s G-dly essence into the physical world in the form of the words it speaks. The ability to speak is a bridge between the physical, earth-boudn human and the spiritual being. It provides man with the capacity to activate his spiritual self.”

— “Chofetz Chaim: A Lesson A Day”, Rabbi Shimon Finkleman and Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz, Artscroll Publication, Overview on Pg. xxvi

“Rabban Gamliel used to say: Whoever has not explained the following three things on Passover has not fulfilled his duty, namely: PESACH – the Passover Offering; MATZAH – the Unleavened Bread; MAROR – the Bitter Herbs… ”

— “The Family Haggadah,” ArtScroll Publications.

Friends, there are many rabbinic mitzvos on Passover night which we should make every effort to fulfill as best as we possibly can…but remember at a minimum to enjoy the two main Biblical mitzvos which are (1) eating the matzah and (2) telling over the story of HaShem taking us out of our Egyptian bondage. Even if you are by yourself, ask yourself the four questions, drink the four cups, eat the matzah, chill out and feast like free men and women and tell over the story of our epic national transformation from slavery to freedom to accepting upon ourselves our unique national mission to be a light of morality to all. Although we sometimes fall short of this mission, tonight we leave Egypt and recommit ourselves to our epic journey and we humbly and gratefully rededicate ourselves to our true purpose. May we all merit to sincerely articulate the words of the haggadah with a renewed curiosity and tonight, bridge the physical earth bound human self to the spiritual being that you truly are. Wishing you all a happy and meaningful and kosher Passover!